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From one of the top 10 law firms in Chicago to small "boutique" firms, we have experience supporting law firms large and small. Our security audits can ensure all client information is kept confidential even over the Internet, and we can help you set up secure client e-mail communication. Other services we can provide to help you improve and maintain your practice include:

  • Organize your work product by setting up and maintaining most major document management systems such as DOCSOpen/eDOCS and WorkSite.
  • Improve your client communications through using web-based portals and e-mail newsletters.
  • Capture time and streamline your billing through support for most major time & billing applications such as TimeSlips and Billing Matters. We can also create automated billing solutions in partnership with your largest clients.
  • Support your litigation team by creating e-briefs and setting up litigation support software such as Summation and Concordance.



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