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Technical Expertise

Technical Expertise
Our technology expertise includes a wide array of software and hardware systems, all delivered with outstanding customer service conforming to ITIL standards and industry-wide best practices. Below are just some of the skills we can offer:

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

What would happen if your office building burned down tomorrow? Would your business records go up in smoke as well? We can design solutions to ensure that your business data would survive most catastrophes and have you back up and running your business within a week. We’ve consulted with IT directors who reconstructed data from the ashes of the World Trade Center, and have applied their lessons to all of our planning.

Mobile Computing Solutions

In this fast-paced world, who has time to waste? We can help you design a solution that will keep you productive even on the road. We’ve worked with law firms to maximize their billable hour capabilities, and we can apply that knowledge to all other business sectors as well. From Smart Phones and Blackberries to laptops, we’ll keep you working any time you want.

Computer Repair & Maintenance

Keeping your desktop, laptops and other devices working properly can be tougher than it seems. By standardizing the default configuration for your computers, troubleshooting and maintenance can be streamlined to save you money. Our real-world tested deployment solution is half the cost of most providers, and allows a computer to be setup in minutes instead of hours. And our remote support tools allow us to fix problems over the phone, saving you time and money.

Asset Management

You have spent a lot of money on your technology, and it is important to keep track of it. Not only do licenses need to be tracked to maintain legal compliance, all too often equipment is lost or misplaced which can add to your costs. We conduct a detailed inventory of all of your technology systems including hardware and software, and update it on a monthly basis. We’ve also been trained by the SIIA (the leading software protection alliance) in how to maintain software licensing compliance.

Vendor Management

It can be frustrating to talk with the technical support departments at most major companies. If they are not talking over your head, they are making you jump through obvious steps before assisting you. How many times can you reboot before they will accept you have a problem? We can cut through the red tape and speak with the “geeks” in their own language, speeding up the time it takes to get your problems resolved. We have also established partnerships with many major technical companies that allow us to jump to the front of the line.

Network/Server Installation & Maintenance

As the gateway to your company, your network’s security is critical to keeping your business up and running. Yet today’s computing environment is filled with danger – from spyware to viruses to an increasing number of hackers throughout the world. We have experience testing our network security in one of the most challenging environments - a high school filled with “junior hackers”. Using our tested security protocols, we can keep your network safe from all threats.

Website Hosting & Creation

In today’s marketplace, customers assume every business has a website. It is almost impossible to bring in new business without a website. But all websites are not created equal! To attract new customers, your site needs to be easy-to-use and provide a pleasing online experience. Our website designs can provide a simple way for your customers to find the information they need. We can also help optimize your website to improve its position in the search results of major search engines like Google or Yahoo, and find the best hosting company for the size of your site.

Project Management

While we have many years of experience using major project management methodologies such as PMP or Six Sigma, we can also offer your company our own “ProjectLite” method of management. ProjectLite was developed over 15 years of managing projects from a 10-computer installation to a multi-year multi-million dollar software implementation. Based on the leading methodologies, it provides an approach for managing projects in the real world that minimizes the time spent managing the project and more time actually completing the project.

Custom Application Development

Using AGILE methodologies, we can develop custom software applications to your exact specifications quickly and easily. All of our applications are programmed in the .NET environment and extensively documented so they can be maintained by your in-house staff if necessary. From online registration systems to complicated tracking systems, we have experience with applications large and small.

Systems Integration

As your organization has grown, so has your data. Some data may be sitting in your CRM system that is duplicated in your sales system, and when it changes it requires several rounds of data entry. We can help integrate your systems so that data only needs to be entered once, reducing the chance of error and increasing staff efficiency.

ERP Software Implementation

Through our years of experience with large software implementations such as PeopleSoft to industry-specific core software such as learning management systems, we can make your next upgrade or new installation of enterprise-level software go smoothly. We work with your team to ensure the software is configured to match your current business processes, or we can help you take industry best practices and modify them to fit your business strategy.

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